Friday, 21 August 2015

A reading can really make a huge difference

A reading can make a huge difference

What are your thoughts about death and dying?
A message from your loved one in message can literally LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE
transforming the way you see things.

Do we really die?

As a medium, part of my job is to offer you another way of looking at life....and death. And it's a vision that can literally 'LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE.' transforming the way you see things.

Life and death are opposite sides to the same coin.
I believe we never die just move to another level of awareness.
So as one door closes we literally just move into a different room
 where we continue on we our lives

 The next world operates very differently from our own physical one, which means we can't see it or even feel it, but we can develop a set of skills which everyone has which help us make that connection. I believe we all have the capability to do this, but at the moment its people like me who are able to communicate with the Spirit world to help other people.

The Spirit world communicates on a love vibration, and it is learning to connect to this vibration that makes all the difference. One of the first things they want us to know is just how much we are loved, and then want to make sure we are all okay and getting on with our lives.  They also want us to know that they too are fine.  I believe messages from loved ones do literally 'LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE' and give us permission to live life fully once more knowing we are supported from the other side of life but the family and friend who have already one across to the other side.

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