Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Are you hiding your light under a bushel?

Are you hiding your light under a bushel?

Do you feel you have lost the edge and need some inspiration?

Are you feeling very sensitive at the moment, especially as the week wears on?

Then Archangel Haniel might be the angel for you!

How the Solar eclipse this weekend could be having a serious impact on your energy levels!

Solar Eclipse

Archangel Haniel is the Archangel associated with the energy of the moon,  Since this weekend sees yet another solar eclipse she might be just the person to come to your aid. She carries a soft nurturing almost mothering kind of energy that is just the job when big changes are afoot.  Change is a big deal, on the one hand it can be exciting, but on the other it can make us feel really uneasy, so she can keep us steady when we most need it.

Life is all about change and transformation, but being creatures of habit we find security in the familiar.  On the world stage, however, everything appears to be breaking down. And nothing seems to be the same as it was.  Not only that but most of us are also experiencing our own challenges too!

Solar eclipses are always associated with the new moon. Since new moons mean new beginnings, its  as if we have no other choice other than to change. This is pressing all our buttons because we have no idea where this is all headed.  We are fast leaving 'life as we know it' far behind and all this making us feel really sensitive and vulnerable. This is your opportunity with Haniel's assistance to initiative positive change in your life. 

In spite of all of this, Haniel is on our side.  Moving forward means we need to let go of the bits in our lives that no longer work for us, and be ready to move into the light of a new day. We embrace the part of us that's waiting to be born. That's right we really are beings of light, but most of us are too busy hiding our light under a bushel to appreciate just how bright our lights do shine. 

Beyond the labels

We are all being asked to look beyond the labels we are still wearing  that aren't always complimentary.  These labels very often begin with self-criticism and judgement, for instance:-  'good children just don't behave in that way' or 'you are way too old to be tap dancing' or 'even who on earth do you think you are?' 'what makes you think you're so special'

There are a whole multitude of sentences and labels beginning with can't that are completely suffocating our Spirit. Our Spirit is the part of us that is closely associated with the inner child, and if you think of your own children and grandchildren they all want to get out there and explore.  

Somewhere along the way, we have lost our natural desire to explore life, but also to challenge ourselves. Haniel is the Archangel that will help you let go of some of those labels and yet help you move step by step into a much brighter future.

Embracing a brand new paradigm

We are on the verge of embracing a brand new paradigm and so can't see where on earth we are going.  This is scary with a capital 'S', so we have to trust the process and trust that the Angels really are on our side.

I strongly believe the angels are here to remind us just who we are.  The  bottom line is we are all beings of light.  We are creative spirits and together we can create a world which is far more equal and supportive than the model we are leaving behind.  But it does mean we have to let down and trust our Angelic friends.


Now's the time to send up a prayer to Haniel, asking for the support you need.  You might also like look at the labels which are holding you back, and ask for their help in releasing them.  Yes it does take a great deal of courage but the Angels truly are on your side.  They are guiding you back to a deeper understanding of your Self and who you really are behind those labels.  Yes you are immortal beings engaged on a very important mission here on earth, and that is to transform our beautiful globe into a place of harmony peace and beauty.

Archangel Haniel
I am open to an ever deepening understanding of my creative spirit.
Transformation and change are part of my true nature
Thank you for inspiring deep and long lasting transformation in my life.

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