Monday, 27 July 2015

I was any mediums worst nightmare

I was any mediums worst nightmare

'Some people are much easier to work with than others, so I have a confession to make, I was a medium's worst nightmare. Sometimes people have second thoughts about receiving a message which  is one thing, and certainly doesn't help the connection. However, in my case, like a lot of other people, I have a blind spot; I knew so very little about my Dad's family.This didn't help the mediums when they are trying to provide me with 'evidence'.  It was so very frustrating, and equally frustrating for any medium trying to give me a message. It's not that I was being plain awkward, I just didn't know. Sometimes I despaired. But I never quite gave up, and that is because I believe my Dad was up there cheering me on.

Nonetheless my own experience has taught me never to say never when names I don't recognise come up in messages.  These days I always advise the congregation or my personal clients not to dismiss names they don't recognise; they could just be the missing link in their family tree! Medium's don't have all the answers and some-times we, personally, have to go off to do a little bit more research , which is how it happened for me.

It was a long time before I got to see a photo of my grandmother Alice, but these days I do have a much treasured photo of her, which stands proudly alongside that of Uncle Albert and some of my newly discovered cousins. So nothing gives me greater pleasure than being shown a photo of someone's 'lost relative'. Clients very often come back to me with photos of people they didn't recognise at the time but which turns out to be quite right.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Finding Uncle Albert

Albert Theodore Bird - My Uncle

Finding Uncle Albert

Continuing Medium Gillian Holland's Story -
 How my Dad in Spirit inspired me to reconnect to his family

I believe my Dad in Spirit gave me a nudge to find his (living) family some 50 years down the line before it was too late. Finding my Dad' brother, Uncle Albert, was one of those defining moments in life. I'll never forget it.  Acting on Spirit's advice I found my Dad's one surviving brother by then already well into his 90's.....and he certainly was a wonderful character! Not only that but he was able to verify some of the information various mediums had been giving me for some some time now. Mind you, I still had to work at it. Spirit don't give us everything on a plate! The whole idea is to empower us and to inspire us to live life to the full. It took a year or two before everything fell into place, with the help of an on-line geneology site and I finally got to meet Albert for the first time.

The congregation was buzzing with excitement.
It was nearing 11a.m. one Sunday morning
 and the service was about to begin. 
The tiny building was jam packed to the rafters 
because the visiting medium this particular morning was highly respected for their work. 
There was hardly a spare seat to be seen.
Surely today would be the day?

The organ struck its first crackly chord.
Instant silence,
as we all craned our necks 
to catch a glimpse of the medium
walking slowly toward the platform
where he would be working for the next hour.

As the morning wore on
excitement grew and grew. 
Here was some-one who really knew his craft. 
Here was someone providing irrefutable evidence of survival 
on 'the other side of life.'
Message after message was given and gratefully received
by members of the congregation.

Tension mounted as the service moved towards the end.

Mine was to be the last message of the morning
and I could feel a wave of disappointment all around
from those who weren't  as lucky.

"I have a lady here.  She tells me her name was Alice.
She's a tiny lady, but has a very large frame. 
She tells me she's your grandmother. Can you accept her please?" the medium wanted to know.

I shrunk back into my seat in disappointment.
 I only knew mum's mum, Ruth, and she was tall.
"She's insisting she's your grandmother, and is talking about cricket."
("Why cricket? I hated the boring game. Oh dear!" I thought,
wondering whether I shouldn't finally give up on all this nonsense')

I left the church very despondent.
And on the verge of giving up altogether.
.....and yet?

The medium was a beautiful soul, and had a remarkable presence.
He was really charismatic
 and had already given so much comfort to the congregation.
As he spoke he was surrounded by a magnificent light.
There was something very special about this gentleman that kept me searching, even though it seemed I was about the only person who couldn't corroborate his message the morning.

But when I finally caught up with Uncle Albert,
 one of the very first things he told me was that,
 although his mother' s name was Sarah, everybody called her Alice! 

And what's more Dad had five brothers altogether
 and each one of them played in the village cricket team.  I had no idea!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Block feelings - block life

Death by any other name - letting go into life.

Moving forward...not standing still.....feelings are meant to move through us, and yet we hang onto them.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Dad - my Guiding Star

Dad my Guiding Star

Gillian Holland

Medium Gillian Holland's early experience of death
 which lead her to become a medium in later life!

My dad’s always been my Guiding Star, even though he’s no longer with us.  In fact, he died when I was just 4 ½ years old  He’s still my hero, because I’ve learned so much about life through him.  I believe he encouraged me to become a medium, so I could help other people come to terms with their own losses.

One of the most beautiful things he’s taught me is that life is for living, but you can’t really live life in the moment unless you are willing to let go.  Letting go is part of the process of life.  Sometimes I think the word death gives the wrong impression.  It isn’t a full stop at the end of this lifetime; it’s a pause as we get into gear for the new step forward.  Life’s a continuation. Our life takes us through several seasons as we move from childhood to adulthood and beyond.  Each step takes us up a notch, but we have to be willing to let go so that we can move forward embracing life fully. As we move through the seasons of our own life, each harvested bloom becomes a seed for next season’s growth.
 It’s not always that easy because most of us want to hold on to the familiar rather than face the unknown. But change is inevitable and although I wanted to cling to Dad, he taught me to pour love rather than fear into the gaping hole caused by his loss. Love is the doorway to the heart where we learn that we are all one, and can never be separate, even though we may still yearn for their physical presence.

As my mediumistic skills grew and developed, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that life went on in a slightly different form beyond the door we’ve labelled ‘death’!  There is a moment in the pause when we are ready to begin living again, we are ready to trust the process of life, and have started to come to terms with the loss.  This does not mean that our loved ones will ever be forgotten however.  I also knew that Dad could offer me his support from the other side of life, but he couldn’t live my life for me.  Our lives are our own, but the knowledge and wisdom I gained from this experience becomes this inspiration to help others.