Monday, 27 July 2015

I was any mediums worst nightmare

I was any mediums worst nightmare

'Some people are much easier to work with than others, so I have a confession to make, I was a medium's worst nightmare. Sometimes people have second thoughts about receiving a message which  is one thing, and certainly doesn't help the connection. However, in my case, like a lot of other people, I have a blind spot; I knew so very little about my Dad's family.This didn't help the mediums when they are trying to provide me with 'evidence'.  It was so very frustrating, and equally frustrating for any medium trying to give me a message. It's not that I was being plain awkward, I just didn't know. Sometimes I despaired. But I never quite gave up, and that is because I believe my Dad was up there cheering me on.

Nonetheless my own experience has taught me never to say never when names I don't recognise come up in messages.  These days I always advise the congregation or my personal clients not to dismiss names they don't recognise; they could just be the missing link in their family tree! Medium's don't have all the answers and some-times we, personally, have to go off to do a little bit more research , which is how it happened for me.

It was a long time before I got to see a photo of my grandmother Alice, but these days I do have a much treasured photo of her, which stands proudly alongside that of Uncle Albert and some of my newly discovered cousins. So nothing gives me greater pleasure than being shown a photo of someone's 'lost relative'. Clients very often come back to me with photos of people they didn't recognise at the time but which turns out to be quite right.

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