Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Believe in the Magic

Come along to Thursdays Spiritual Development and Awareness Group at Marsden Green, Welwyn Garden City.  It is your opportunity to LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE WITH SPIRIT. (my blog) 

This evenings session invites you to Believe in the Magic!  We are all Divine Children of God, although most of us can make heavy weather out of life because we've forgotten the fact.

Come along and re-establish your link to Spirit.

Inbox me for further information: 

Monthly Spiritual Development Group

This Group meets on the first Thursday of each month
7.30pm for prompt 7.45pm start.  Doors closed at 7.45pm.  

The aim of the group is for you to develop your awareness on your own chosen path through spiritual philosophy and practice, meditation and discussion.  

Everyone welcome - Admission £2.50

On the following dates the Group will be led by our guest medium Gillian Holland:

5th November
3rd December
7th January

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Angelic Reiki Practitioner 1 & 2

Can't Wait - looking forward to meeting some of you there.

          As someone who's been working with the Angels 
                                                 and Archangels now for well over 10 years,  
        I am delighted to be offering
                                         my very first Angelic Reiki Pracitioners Course 1& 2 Level                   


The Angelic Reiki System of Healing was passed to Kevin Core by Archangel Metatron from October 2002 to February 2003. Angelic Reiki is  quite simply magic and both practitioner and recipient alike gain massive benefits from the sessions. It's for everyone, and something we can all enjoy and learn from whether we already have a connection to the Angels or not.
As a healer you act simply as a channel or bridge to pass the energy on to your recipient. The Angels take care of the entire process. So you don't have to worry about using the correct symbols or hand positions either.  Although Reiki symbols are used, you do not have  to memorise any of them, since they are integrated into your energy body at the time of attunement.... and much more besides. Rest assured, every healing is exactly as it should be. 
The four workshops are
  • Angelic Reiki First and Second Degree,
  • Angelic Reiki Third and Fourth Degree,
  • Angelic Reiki Professional Practitioner,
  • Angelic Reiki Master Teacher

Angelic Reiki 1 & 2

This workshop will prepare and attune you to the Angelic Kingdom of Light, empowering you to work as a Practitioner with this unique healing system.
  • Complete karma cutting and Angelic Cleaning prior to each attunement
  • Full attunement to Angelic Reiki 1st and 2nd Degrees, which includes eight Divine Multi-dimensional symbols.  These sacred symbols are attuned through the Angelic vibration
  • The student is assigned a Healing Angel who will work exclusively with the student on a permanent basis
  • Practical ‘hands on’ healing experience in:  Healing as a channel for your Healing Angel, Healing with Intention, Self-Healing, Distance and Absent Healing, Healing with Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers, Multi-dimensional and Past Life Healing.
  • An attunement to the Angelic Kingdom of Light at the 11th Dimensions through Archangel Metatron and Angelic Collective “The Mighty Sarim”.  This involves an attunement given by 30 Archangels, the Chief Celestial Angel Princes
  • Cleansing and attuning crystals
  • A comprehensive Practitioner’s Manual
A certificate of training to 1st and 2nd Degree Angelic Reiki, which enables you to work professionally with this unique healing system.
Angelic Reiki is easy to learn and simple to use. No prior knowledge of healing, angles or spirituality is necessary
Suitable for: Complete beginners as well as practitioners experienced in other modalities.
Also for anyone wishing to attend as a ‘refresher’ or as a means of developing themselves further personally and spiritually.

Cost:  email for details
Date: 28th and 29th. November 2015
Place: Hemel Hempstead Herts.
Times: 10.15a.m. for 10.30a.m. sharp start - 6p.m. each day
To reserve your space:  £40 non-refundable deposit
Ask about instalments
Final payment by 21st. November 2015
Reserve your place now:



Gillian says:

My own experience of Angelic Reiki was and continues to be really magical. The first weekend and each subsequent weekend of my training was jam packed full of love, laughter and a true sense of camaraderie which only working with like minded people and The Company of Angels can bring.  It is a very special journey , so why not join me as you take the next step of your Angelic journey.

Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 for 2016

Sat/Sun 20th/21st February 2016
Venue Hemel Hempstead

Sat/Sun 2nd/3rd April 2016
Venue Hemel Hempstead

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Are you hiding your light under a bushel?

Are you hiding your light under a bushel?

Do you feel you have lost the edge and need some inspiration?

Are you feeling very sensitive at the moment, especially as the week wears on?

Then Archangel Haniel might be the angel for you!

How the Solar eclipse this weekend could be having a serious impact on your energy levels!

Solar Eclipse

Archangel Haniel is the Archangel associated with the energy of the moon,  Since this weekend sees yet another solar eclipse she might be just the person to come to your aid. She carries a soft nurturing almost mothering kind of energy that is just the job when big changes are afoot.  Change is a big deal, on the one hand it can be exciting, but on the other it can make us feel really uneasy, so she can keep us steady when we most need it.

Life is all about change and transformation, but being creatures of habit we find security in the familiar.  On the world stage, however, everything appears to be breaking down. And nothing seems to be the same as it was.  Not only that but most of us are also experiencing our own challenges too!

Solar eclipses are always associated with the new moon. Since new moons mean new beginnings, its  as if we have no other choice other than to change. This is pressing all our buttons because we have no idea where this is all headed.  We are fast leaving 'life as we know it' far behind and all this making us feel really sensitive and vulnerable. This is your opportunity with Haniel's assistance to initiative positive change in your life. 

In spite of all of this, Haniel is on our side.  Moving forward means we need to let go of the bits in our lives that no longer work for us, and be ready to move into the light of a new day. We embrace the part of us that's waiting to be born. That's right we really are beings of light, but most of us are too busy hiding our light under a bushel to appreciate just how bright our lights do shine. 

Beyond the labels

We are all being asked to look beyond the labels we are still wearing  that aren't always complimentary.  These labels very often begin with self-criticism and judgement, for instance:-  'good children just don't behave in that way' or 'you are way too old to be tap dancing' or 'even who on earth do you think you are?' 'what makes you think you're so special'

There are a whole multitude of sentences and labels beginning with can't that are completely suffocating our Spirit. Our Spirit is the part of us that is closely associated with the inner child, and if you think of your own children and grandchildren they all want to get out there and explore.  

Somewhere along the way, we have lost our natural desire to explore life, but also to challenge ourselves. Haniel is the Archangel that will help you let go of some of those labels and yet help you move step by step into a much brighter future.

Embracing a brand new paradigm

We are on the verge of embracing a brand new paradigm and so can't see where on earth we are going.  This is scary with a capital 'S', so we have to trust the process and trust that the Angels really are on our side.

I strongly believe the angels are here to remind us just who we are.  The  bottom line is we are all beings of light.  We are creative spirits and together we can create a world which is far more equal and supportive than the model we are leaving behind.  But it does mean we have to let down and trust our Angelic friends.


Now's the time to send up a prayer to Haniel, asking for the support you need.  You might also like look at the labels which are holding you back, and ask for their help in releasing them.  Yes it does take a great deal of courage but the Angels truly are on your side.  They are guiding you back to a deeper understanding of your Self and who you really are behind those labels.  Yes you are immortal beings engaged on a very important mission here on earth, and that is to transform our beautiful globe into a place of harmony peace and beauty.

Archangel Haniel
I am open to an ever deepening understanding of my creative spirit.
Transformation and change are part of my true nature
Thank you for inspiring deep and long lasting transformation in my life.

If you would like to explore this idea further with me as part of your own spiritual and personal development then please inbox me at


Sunday, 30 August 2015

Angels are watching over you....

Angels are watching out for you but are you watching out for them?

Are you watching out for Angels like they watch out for you?

Angels are always watching out for us, even when the world seems so very dark outside and we feel isolated and alone.

Most of us are aware of Angelic Signs, such a beautiful downy like feathers dropping at our feet if we need some extra reassurance, or even coins manifesting right in front of us on the pavement. Angels seem to be everywhere.  Look up into the sky and you may be lucky enough to see Angels up there painted in the clouds, like me on more than one occasion.  Rest assured its not your imagination, you are not going barking, they are showing themselves to you in a way you can understand and appreciate at the time.

I met my own Guardian Angel, Joseph, in a guided meditation, a process I heartily recommend if you are looking for a closer connection to the Angelic Realms.  So now meditation is an important part of my own connection with them.  I watch out for them as much as I know they are watching out for me. My meditation practice together with Angelic Reiki have shown me one thing, 'we are all loved' in a way that the external signs couldn't do.  I personally feel a sense of being wrapped in angelic wings which gives me the reassurance I need sometimes: very special.

If you would like to awaken to the Angels, why not come along to 'Awakening to the Angels'? This is a joint venture with fellow Angelic Master Practitioner, Liz Mouratzing. You will be given the opportunity to deepen your connection to the Angels with meditation and guided visualisation.  It's going to be a good day, because believe it or not the Angels are also a fun loving bunch as well.

Awakening to the Angels

Liz Mouratzing and Gillian Holland

Boxmoor Hall

Hemel Hempstead

Saturday 26th. September  10.00 - 4p.m.


 Contact Liz 07921 540327 or 01442 834839
or Gillian  Tel: 01442 246407 or 07929 474 349

Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Angels say.....all there is is love

Awakening to the Angels

Love is all there is!

Believe it or not, 'Love is all there is!'  The heart of the matter is everything in the Universe is connected on a particular vibration; unconditional love. And the Angels are here to point the way!  Did you know that every blade of grass, indeed everything that exists here on earth has its own Guardian Angel to watch over it and help it grow?  What's more, we are no exception!   

Down through the centuries, we were told that only very special people could connect to the Angelic realm, but now we know different, for we are all special and unique in our own way.

Unfortunately, most of us are hot on self-criticism and judgement and stone-cold when it comes to self-confidence.  Some-where in the long, long history of the Earth, because of all this mis-information,we have forgotten who we really are but the Angels are here to help us remember NOW!

Yes! The Angels and Archangels and all the Ascended Masters have always been there, but we just hadn't been paying them much attention.  Our guardian angels are working very hard to help us open to their magic! Life truly is for living, but how we do that when most of the time, we have a real down on ourselves?

How about celebrating rather than knocking yourself,
  with a little bit of help from the Angels for a change!

If you are in the process of Awakening to the Angels
 or just beginning your journey,
then our workshop could well be the thing for you!

Would you like a closer connection to your Guardian Angel?

Are you, like most of us the world's worst at self-criticism?

How about celebrating rather than knocking yourself
 with the Angels help for a change!
It really is time to turn down the switch marked self-criticism and turn up the light switch marked 'love.'

Angelic Reiki Masters Gillian Holland and Liz Carabine are here to help you to 'Awaken to the Angels' Working together for the very first time they combine their expertise to bring you a day spent in loving companionship with the Angels. Where you will be given the opportunity to enhance your connection to the Angels and celebrate who you really are?
Why not join us

Saturday 26th. September 2015
10.00 - 4p.m.
Boxmoor Hall
Hemel Hempstead


Contact Liz 07921 540327 or 01442 834839
or Gillian  Tel: 01442 246407 or 07929 474 349

  • Celebrate your connection with the Angels
  • Connection to your Guardian Angel
  • Heart Opening meditation in safe environment

Friday, 21 August 2015

A reading can really make a huge difference

A reading can make a huge difference

What are your thoughts about death and dying?
A message from your loved one in message can literally LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE
transforming the way you see things.

Do we really die?

As a medium, part of my job is to offer you another way of looking at life....and death. And it's a vision that can literally 'LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE.' transforming the way you see things.

Life and death are opposite sides to the same coin.
I believe we never die just move to another level of awareness.
So as one door closes we literally just move into a different room
 where we continue on we our lives

 The next world operates very differently from our own physical one, which means we can't see it or even feel it, but we can develop a set of skills which everyone has which help us make that connection. I believe we all have the capability to do this, but at the moment its people like me who are able to communicate with the Spirit world to help other people.

The Spirit world communicates on a love vibration, and it is learning to connect to this vibration that makes all the difference. One of the first things they want us to know is just how much we are loved, and then want to make sure we are all okay and getting on with our lives.  They also want us to know that they too are fine.  I believe messages from loved ones do literally 'LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE' and give us permission to live life fully once more knowing we are supported from the other side of life but the family and friend who have already one across to the other side.

Contact Gillian for your reading

Monday, 27 July 2015

I was any mediums worst nightmare

I was any mediums worst nightmare

'Some people are much easier to work with than others, so I have a confession to make, I was a medium's worst nightmare. Sometimes people have second thoughts about receiving a message which  is one thing, and certainly doesn't help the connection. However, in my case, like a lot of other people, I have a blind spot; I knew so very little about my Dad's family.This didn't help the mediums when they are trying to provide me with 'evidence'.  It was so very frustrating, and equally frustrating for any medium trying to give me a message. It's not that I was being plain awkward, I just didn't know. Sometimes I despaired. But I never quite gave up, and that is because I believe my Dad was up there cheering me on.

Nonetheless my own experience has taught me never to say never when names I don't recognise come up in messages.  These days I always advise the congregation or my personal clients not to dismiss names they don't recognise; they could just be the missing link in their family tree! Medium's don't have all the answers and some-times we, personally, have to go off to do a little bit more research , which is how it happened for me.

It was a long time before I got to see a photo of my grandmother Alice, but these days I do have a much treasured photo of her, which stands proudly alongside that of Uncle Albert and some of my newly discovered cousins. So nothing gives me greater pleasure than being shown a photo of someone's 'lost relative'. Clients very often come back to me with photos of people they didn't recognise at the time but which turns out to be quite right.