Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Angels say.....all there is is love

Awakening to the Angels

Love is all there is!

Believe it or not, 'Love is all there is!'  The heart of the matter is everything in the Universe is connected on a particular vibration; unconditional love. And the Angels are here to point the way!  Did you know that every blade of grass, indeed everything that exists here on earth has its own Guardian Angel to watch over it and help it grow?  What's more, we are no exception!   

Down through the centuries, we were told that only very special people could connect to the Angelic realm, but now we know different, for we are all special and unique in our own way.

Unfortunately, most of us are hot on self-criticism and judgement and stone-cold when it comes to self-confidence.  Some-where in the long, long history of the Earth, because of all this mis-information,we have forgotten who we really are but the Angels are here to help us remember NOW!

Yes! The Angels and Archangels and all the Ascended Masters have always been there, but we just hadn't been paying them much attention.  Our guardian angels are working very hard to help us open to their magic! Life truly is for living, but how we do that when most of the time, we have a real down on ourselves?

How about celebrating rather than knocking yourself,
  with a little bit of help from the Angels for a change!

If you are in the process of Awakening to the Angels
 or just beginning your journey,
then our workshop could well be the thing for you!

Would you like a closer connection to your Guardian Angel?

Are you, like most of us the world's worst at self-criticism?

How about celebrating rather than knocking yourself
 with the Angels help for a change!
It really is time to turn down the switch marked self-criticism and turn up the light switch marked 'love.'

Angelic Reiki Masters Gillian Holland and Liz Carabine are here to help you to 'Awaken to the Angels' Working together for the very first time they combine their expertise to bring you a day spent in loving companionship with the Angels. Where you will be given the opportunity to enhance your connection to the Angels and celebrate who you really are?
Why not join us

Saturday 26th. September 2015
10.00 - 4p.m.
Boxmoor Hall
Hemel Hempstead


Contact Liz 07921 540327 or 01442 834839
or Gillian  Tel: 01442 246407 or 07929 474 349

  • Celebrate your connection with the Angels
  • Connection to your Guardian Angel
  • Heart Opening meditation in safe environment

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