Sunday, 30 August 2015

Angels are watching over you....

Angels are watching out for you but are you watching out for them?

Are you watching out for Angels like they watch out for you?

Angels are always watching out for us, even when the world seems so very dark outside and we feel isolated and alone.

Most of us are aware of Angelic Signs, such a beautiful downy like feathers dropping at our feet if we need some extra reassurance, or even coins manifesting right in front of us on the pavement. Angels seem to be everywhere.  Look up into the sky and you may be lucky enough to see Angels up there painted in the clouds, like me on more than one occasion.  Rest assured its not your imagination, you are not going barking, they are showing themselves to you in a way you can understand and appreciate at the time.

I met my own Guardian Angel, Joseph, in a guided meditation, a process I heartily recommend if you are looking for a closer connection to the Angelic Realms.  So now meditation is an important part of my own connection with them.  I watch out for them as much as I know they are watching out for me. My meditation practice together with Angelic Reiki have shown me one thing, 'we are all loved' in a way that the external signs couldn't do.  I personally feel a sense of being wrapped in angelic wings which gives me the reassurance I need sometimes: very special.

If you would like to awaken to the Angels, why not come along to 'Awakening to the Angels'? This is a joint venture with fellow Angelic Master Practitioner, Liz Mouratzing. You will be given the opportunity to deepen your connection to the Angels with meditation and guided visualisation.  It's going to be a good day, because believe it or not the Angels are also a fun loving bunch as well.

Awakening to the Angels

Liz Mouratzing and Gillian Holland

Boxmoor Hall

Hemel Hempstead

Saturday 26th. September  10.00 - 4p.m.


 Contact Liz 07921 540327 or 01442 834839
or Gillian  Tel: 01442 246407 or 07929 474 349

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