Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Dad - my Guiding Star

Dad my Guiding Star

Gillian Holland

Medium Gillian Holland's early experience of death
 which lead her to become a medium in later life!

My dad’s always been my Guiding Star, even though he’s no longer with us.  In fact, he died when I was just 4 ½ years old  He’s still my hero, because I’ve learned so much about life through him.  I believe he encouraged me to become a medium, so I could help other people come to terms with their own losses.

One of the most beautiful things he’s taught me is that life is for living, but you can’t really live life in the moment unless you are willing to let go.  Letting go is part of the process of life.  Sometimes I think the word death gives the wrong impression.  It isn’t a full stop at the end of this lifetime; it’s a pause as we get into gear for the new step forward.  Life’s a continuation. Our life takes us through several seasons as we move from childhood to adulthood and beyond.  Each step takes us up a notch, but we have to be willing to let go so that we can move forward embracing life fully. As we move through the seasons of our own life, each harvested bloom becomes a seed for next season’s growth.
 It’s not always that easy because most of us want to hold on to the familiar rather than face the unknown. But change is inevitable and although I wanted to cling to Dad, he taught me to pour love rather than fear into the gaping hole caused by his loss. Love is the doorway to the heart where we learn that we are all one, and can never be separate, even though we may still yearn for their physical presence.

As my mediumistic skills grew and developed, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that life went on in a slightly different form beyond the door we’ve labelled ‘death’!  There is a moment in the pause when we are ready to begin living again, we are ready to trust the process of life, and have started to come to terms with the loss.  This does not mean that our loved ones will ever be forgotten however.  I also knew that Dad could offer me his support from the other side of life, but he couldn’t live my life for me.  Our lives are our own, but the knowledge and wisdom I gained from this experience becomes this inspiration to help others.

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